SalesKare is a dynamic web based application that manages sales at different levels. Distribution of products at various stages right from the manufacturer to distributors and suppliers can be tracked with ease. The application completely scales the most prominent features of sales like Order Management, Invoice Management, Payment Management. The performance of every agent can be keenly monitored and the processes can be upgraded. The range of sales of every product gets highlighted with respect to the area it’s occurring. The dashboard of SaleKare flashes up with monthly reports on sales, payment status and invoices and provides great optimized output. What more just set back and analyze!


AuxiHR is exclusive application to automate the HR process of an organization the application plays a crucial role is Payroll processing, Leave Management, Employee onboard and performance stats etc., acting as an auxiliary HR. Arduous tasks of HR team can be manage with great flexibility using AuxiHR. Accurate handling of employee data and requirements is brought about here. Evaluation of employee’s individual performance became simple.


Now every single student, staff can be tracked by their academic performance on the go. Management can view, compare and plan strategically based on the analysis report generated automatically. Now parents can view their wards results and semester wise progress report online. All the scheduled Events can be viewed in a single click. Detailed mentor report can be generated to view the student performance every day. Applying leave, tracking attendance in a single click. Detailed history of student’s placements records and analysis of placement report at a go using educare.


BillIT make your billing go simple. Generating a lengthy bill is never a tiring task anymore with BillIT. We help you manage stocks with stock alerts. Never break your head with the addition taxation that on leave it us. Get the taxes added automatically.